Red Tent Circles

During the dark and new moon, women would traditionally gather in the Red Tent to take leave of every day life and honour their bleed, a time of heightented intuition and wisdom. These women were viewed as Sacred vessels by their community and the wisdom they brought back into the world after their respite in the Red Tent was sought out, acknowledged and revered.

In some parts of the world, this tradition was lost. In others it was twisted and the Sacred Red Tent became a place to which menstruating people were banished until their bleed had ended.

All over the world more and more women are hearing the call of community and the Red Tent is a special place where we can come together once a month and be seen and heard, share, support and be supported with no judgement, no shame and no guilt. Come as you are and bring only your desire to connect to your own inner power and that of the other women who gather with you.

I invite you to join me in this ancient practice of The Red Tent, whether you desire to honour your menstrual cycle or are seeking connection with other like minded women, there is a place for you in our Circle.

Please check my Events page for my current Red Tent Circles.