By Maria Nagy



Do you desire more magic in your life but don't have the capacity to add more "stuff" to your day?

Have you dabbled in ritual but it just wasn't "you"?

Do you wish to connect to source but other paths feel out of reach?

Do you want to create a ritual practice but don't know where to start?

Do you long to be effortlessly one with your own divine spark?


If you answered YES to any of those questions, this book is for you!

As a busy person with a long to do list, I am easily overwhelmed by the thought of needing an elaborate ritual to celebrate and connect with Source. Instead, I believe that ritual should be easy, powerful, quick and even free. With Everyday Ritual for a Magical Life you will find it can be!

Jam packed with easily actionable ideas for how to incorporate ritual into your daily life, Everyday Rituals for a Magical Life favours practice over theory, while making sure you have a firm understanding of the basics.

From "Simple Morning Magic" to "Celebrating the Wheel of the Year", Everyday Rituals for a Magical Life provides practical outlines of rituals for all occasions and can be used as a handbook or as inspiration for your personal practice.

An irreplaceable companion for those beginning their journey into Sacred Ritual, and a fantastic resource for those with an established practice.


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