Lunar Goddess Circles

Celebrate the new or full moon with a Goddess circle designed as a gift to the self: a pause, reset and refocus. Guided by the current astrology and delving deeply into the gifts of our chosen Goddess, we will journey into ourselves with through a combination of movement, chanting, visualisation, reflective discussion and spell work.

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Red Tent Circles

Traditionally during the dark and new moon, women would gather to share their experiences, insights and intuitions. As the Divine Feminine energies begin to awaken in parts of the world where they have long been asleep, the "Red Tent" is reviving. The Red Tent creates time and space to gather, connect and share in our delights, our challenges and our innate magic.

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Harness Your Authentic Sexual Self

An intimate 12 week group coaching program designed to help you unravel what holds you back from sexual authenticity. Regular open and honest sharing circles and accessible, transformational practices will help you reclaim your sexual self, week by week.

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Red Moon Goddess

This course will help you fully comprehend the phases of your own personal menstrual cycle and how they align with the lunar, seasonal and life cycles. When you make these connections you hold the key to being in flow with your energies instead of fighting against their current and can unlock your full potential.

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