Goddess Circles

Each Lunar Month, I choose to celebrate the New Moon and the Full Moon, harnessing her energies and riding that wave to make the most of the energetical opportunities provided by the intersection of the lunar phase, the astrological transits and the seasons. When we take time to honour these energies and how they show up in our lives, we bring conscious awareness to that which is happening around us and we open a doorway of possibility that while we remained ignorant, didn't exist.

By adding the extra layer of honouring Goddess lore, the gifts She has to offer and how She shows up in our life, we deepen this sacred practice, unlock new realms of possibility and understand ourselves more profoundly.

I invite you to join me in this ancient practice of honouring the lunar cycles and the Goddesses that weave magic through our past, present and future.

Please check my Events page for my current Goddess Circles.