Harness Your Authentic Sexual Self

As the Divine Feminine energies awaken and arouse in more and more of us, many of us have found that we do not align with our beliefs about sexuality, ourselves as sexual beings, our right to sexual pleasure and the societal view of sex itself. I believe that we all have the capacity to unshackle ourselves from these beliefs, envision our authentic sexual self and rewrite our beliefs so that they align beautifully with that vision.

I have created a 12 week journey for an intimate group of women to do exactly that.

Biweekly coaching sessions based around YOUR limiting beliefs that will give you the keys to unlock the bonds that hold you back from sexual authenticity are alternated with biweekly sharing circles where we can openly and honestly confront our challenges, revel in our successes and support each other on this journey. You will also be provided with accesible, transformational practices to engage with throughout the 12 weeks which will help you achieve the sexual authenticity you desire in your every day life, not just in theory.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program or you want to join me, email me to let me know and be kept up to date with all the developments as we launch in 2022.