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January & February 2021

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Full Moon Womb Meditation | January 27th | 20:00 CET | FREE

During this Meditation Circle Maria will guide you through Miranda Grey's "Womb attunement" and "Full Moon meditation" alongside other like minded souls.

Miranda shares: "In the Full Moon Meditation, we breathe in specific colours or Moon Rays into our womb energy centre to bring healing, and support and balance to our wombs, our female energies, to our cycles and to our changes in life." - from www.wombblessing.com

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New Year, New You?  - A Discussion | January 31st | 16:00 CET | FREE

This first sharing circle of 2021 will create a space to discuss new year resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams. Have you made any? Why do we feel called to make them at all? What are the positives and negatives of creating goals or resolutions for the new year? Is there a toxic side to self improvement?

These sharing circles are offered via meetup only, to ensure a safe space that is open to members of the group. It is free to join Meetup, you can create a profile and request to join the Sacred Circles group using this link.

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Dark Moon Goddess Circle | February 11th | 20:00 CET | €15.55

The Dark Moon falls just before the slightest crescent of the new moon is visible in the sky and is a time to take stock of what we have learned, acheived and let go of during the lunar cycle. During this circle we will explore the lore, gifts and energies of our chosen Goddess and use her insights to help us in shedding what no longer serves and embracing the shadow we often seek to ignore. We will journey using guided visualisation or movement, to connect to our inner self, our inuition and ancestral knowledge. Our insights will be channelled using a carefully tailored exercise, followed by a group sharing experience. Circle will be closed with an insightful and inspiring card reading.

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Red Tent Sacred Circle | February 12th | 19:30 CET | €5.55

Traditionally Women would retreat to the Red Tent during the dark and new moon to share their wisdom, insights and connect to their heightened intuition at this time. As the Divine Feminine Energy awakens across the globe many are feeling the call to connect in this way once more. A mixture of ritual, reflection and authentic sharing, the Red Tent is a healing practice we can all benefit from returning to. The theme of this month's Red Tent is "virginity", we will explore virginity as a concept, as an experience and what changes we would like to see regarding "virginity".

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What is Personal Power?  Sharing Circle | February 16th | 19:00 CET | FREE

This sharing Circle offers a space to discuss personal power. Often in the spiritual and self-improvement arena we talk about empowerment, reclaiming and taking back our power, but what does all of this mean? What does personal power mean to you? How do you experience power? What are the shadow sides to power? How do we channel our own power without dominating or hurting others in the process? Is power ultimately a toxic tool, or is there good to be found in wielding your own power? Join us to discuss and clarify this concept of "Personal Power".

These sharing circles are offered via meetup only, to ensure a safe space that is open to members of the group. It is free to join Meetup, you can create a profile and request to join the Sacred Circles group using this link.

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World Wide Womb Blessing Circle | February 27th | 16:00 CET | FREE

The Womb Blessing "is time for all women to feel whole, to feel empowered, and to heal physically and mentally. It is time to awaken to our ‘authentic femininity’ – to understand and enjoy expressing who we are as women in the world. The Worldwide Womb Blessing is an international meditation and energy attunement designed specifically for women to bring this healing and awakening into their lives" (Taken from WombBlessing.com). During this circle Maria will guide you through the meditations prepared by Miranda Grey. To close the circle we will create time and space for sharing what came up for us during this powerful ritual.

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Full Moon Goddess Circle | February 27th | 20:00 CET | €15.55

The Full Moon gives us the gifts of insight, creativity, illumination and release. During these Full Moon Goddess Circles we use these qualities and delve into the lore of our chosen Goddess and seek the wisdom within. Carefully crafted points of reflection help us to consider how her light and shadow aspects show up in our life and together we will complete exercises to help us harness her power that we may embrace our authenticity. We journey with a guided visualisation or movement and release viawith group sharing to air what came up for each of us. We will leave the circle with an inspiring and uplifting card reading.

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