Lessons from 2022… Part I

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This year has been a rollercoaster of some of my lowest lows and some of my all-time absolute highest highs. I don’t exactly know where to begin with trying to make sense of it all… so I’ve chosen not to even bother trying and to just accept it all, as is. ….and grow from it … Read More

What is a Sharing Circle?

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If you’re reading this you’re either a regular reader of mine, you somehow stumbled across my musings and this was either the most recent post, or the one that caught your eye, or you have seen one of my events and wondered what the heck even is a sharing circle?? Allow me to share my … Read More

Give up or keep going?

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A few weeks ago, I had a coversation with an 11 year old that I work with.. well, it was more of a heated debate really. They wanted to give up on something we had been working on together for some weeks and I wanted them to get to the core of why they wanted … Read More

Ever heard of the “Red Tent”?

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My period arrived this week. On time and pretty much pain free. I am always happy to greet my blood. Not because I am avoiding pregnancy, but because my menstrual cycle is an important process of my body and another channel through which my body communicates with me. During my bleed, I often need to … Read More

Taste your Own Medicine

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I am typing this through bloodshot, swollen eyes. This morning, as I comitted to my usual 3 A4 pages of journalling, something happened that I did not expect. I found myself pouring out years-old trauma onto the pages. Things I had lived through, but not consciously processed. Events and their imapct that I had stuffed … Read More

Media Deprivation

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I know many people have spoken on this topic. The reason I know is because I have read the work of many folk who have lived some version of this experience themselves and have written or spoken of it to others in the hope of helping those who are also suffering. Isn’t that the way … Read More

A Reminder About Worth

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Today started off stressful. I didn’t get enough sleep, I lost almost an hour scrolling social media and before I knew it, it was 11am, no one had been fed and I had a huge task ahead of me that I had been putting off all week but now only had 2 hours to complete. … Read More