This year has been a rollercoaster of some of my lowest lows and some of my all-time absolute highest highs. I don’t exactly know where to begin with trying to make sense of it all… so I’ve chosen not to even bother trying and to just accept it all, as is.

….and grow from it as best I can.

Some of my wild, intense, and hectic 2022 has so far included:
– 6 flights
– An unexpected month living with my sister in Ireland
– Moving back to the UK
– Finding a house to rent
– My mum almost dying from sepsis
– Connecting with yet another gorgeous soul and making a new lifelong friend (Thank you Universe!)
– 3 1982 mile/3188km round trips to Milan and back
– A wedding
– A FREE holiday with one of my oldest friends
– The most MAGICAL game of manifestation with the Universe
– Reuniting with an ex-best friend, 7 years after our “break up” and 4 years since I last saw her
– My mum being admitted to hospital 4 times so far this year
– Finally catching Covid
– Perfecting my coffee brewing technique
– The biggest, wildest, and fastest spiritual awakening of my LIFE!

And don’t even get me started on what happened in Napoli!

– – –

Through all these ups and downs, the growth and shrinkage, plus being in a constant state of movement and upheaval, my biggest aid, the thing that saved me, that kept me going, was rest.


Guilt free, shame free, “I feel tired so I’m going for a nap” rest.

Whether your world is being turned upside down and inside out, or whether you are just swimming along in your “normal” everyday life, you deserve to rest.

Just as you don’t need to earn the right to exist, you also don’t need to earn the right to rest.

Rest is necessary.
Rest is your birthright.
Rest is self-care.
Rest is radical.

And rest can be difficult.

Marred by guilt, clouded with shame.

Have you ever taken time to rest and spent the whole time feeling bad about “not doing anything” to the point where you get so worked up about all the things you “should” or “could” be doing that actually feel WORSE after “resting”?

Yep. Me too.

You reap what you sow.

And when you sow exhaustion, pushing yourself to the limit, not honouring your boundaries and ignoring your physical body’s needs… you’re going to reap burn out.

When you listen to your body and give it what it needs, when you honour your boundaries, when you ask for help and support, embrace saying “no” and REST, you will reap energy, self-esteem, better mental and physical health and you will find yourself willing and able to give more to those around you… not to mention yourself!

When I learned to accept myself for who I am, that meant accepting my needs as well as my desires. My needs (just like my desires) are going to look different from yours, and that is because we are different people with different mental and emotional loads, different physical states and different commitments. It is time to stop comparing ourselves to others and start acknowledging and honouring our own personal journey.

Would you consider telling your emotional, exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed friend to buck up, get up and get on with the house work, would you? I imagine you’d tell them to put their feet up while you go make them a cuppa and maybe even do a bit of washing up for them while the kettle boils. Maybe you’d run them a bath or offer to babysit their kids so they can get a coupld of hours of peace?

You deserve that too 🖤

You reap what you sow.

So, let’s sow seeds that we want to reap. Seeds that we nurture, water and and care for with tenderness, seedlings that we watch grow with anticipation and excitement, fruits and flowers that we harvest with love and deep gratitude as they nourish and nurture us, and we come full circle as we reap our reward.

– – –

I’m going to be touching on this more as I delve into cyclical living over on IG. I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about living in harmony with your cycles over on social media recently and I love it! A lot of us are interested in cyclical harmony so that we can have more energy and be more productive, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day, right?

I, however, would like to focus on how to achieve peace and harmony through the resting phase of our cycles. If you try it you will find, just as I did, that when you focus on rest and down time, you automatically have more energy in your upward and outward phases. You don’t need to try to be more productive, creative, or prolific: you just are… naturally!

So, if you want to learn more, join me on Instagram (and maybe also TikTok?) in the coming weeks to delve into hormonal, menstrual, lunar and Earth cycles, how they intersect and how you can harness your own individual cyclical alchemy and enjoy a magically harmonious life!

🖤 If you want to explore how to break down those beliefs that keep your rest locked in guilt, shame, shoulds and coulds, drop me an email or leave me a message and we can set up a free call to chat about it 🖤

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