If you’re reading this you’re either a regular reader of mine, you somehow stumbled across my musings and this was either the most recent post, or the one that caught your eye, or you have seen one of my events and wondered what the heck even is a sharing circle??

Allow me to share my perspective on what a sharing circle is…  

A Sharing Circle is a space where people can show up as they are and share their tale, their experience, their talent, their thoughts, worries or woes with complete honesty and vulnerability and wholly without judgement.

An example of a sharing circle that many of us are familiar with, even if we have never attended a meeting ourselves, is an AA meeting. A safe space for people with a common goal or experience to gather, seek and give support and to do so with total openness, transparency and acceptance.

The Sharing Circles that I facilitate are held for Women to come together, to tell their tales, share their experiences, to grieve the hardship of living under patriarchy, to celebrate the wins, triumphs and victories and to express, deepen and hone our women’s intuition.

When women gather, they weave magic.

– – – – – – –

What happens during a Sharing Circle?

The healing, connection and magic that happens during a Sharing Circle is something that is hard to put into words.

It is important for many women to understand the practical side of Circle before they feel comfortable or safe enough to commit to giving it a go.

That is completely understandable and I am usually one of those women myself.

So, let me run through what you can expect from a Sharing Circle with me…

A Safe Space.
An opportunity to share whatever bubbles up for you in the moment, or whatever has been waiting to be shared at just the right time.

Sometimes the Sharing Circle will be guided around a particular theme. The theme could be related to current events, the seasonal shifts, an archetype or Goddess figure, or the astrological energies of the moment.

Othertimes, the Circle will be held as a container for women to decompress and share what has been weighing on them.

What always remains the same in my Circles is that I will always open the Circle by introducing myself and inviting each member to introduce themself as part of their matrilineage. I will lead a short grounding exercise and begin the discussion by introducing the theme for the Circle and sharing my own tale, thoughts or experience in relation to it.

I always guide the discussion and manage the Circle to make sure everyone is respectful and everyone has an opportunity to share.

When sharing, I encourage each member to let her sisters know whether she shares to claim witness, to seek validation, to request advice or as a call to action.

Unsolicited advice is not welcome in Circle.
Respecting our own and each others boundaries is of great importance.

You are not obliged to share, but will be called on, or asked if you would like to share thoughout the Circle. You are free to decline to share at any time, without question.

When the sharing is done, I will lead a short practice or exercise to wind down the energies and bring gratitude into our collective space before ending the Circle with a short closing ritual.

– – – – – – –

How do I join a Sharing Circle?

If you would like to experience the deeply transformative experience of a Sharing Circle, please take a look at my current event listings.

I try to keep the price of these events low, so that it is accessible to as many women as possible.

If you are not able to afford the price of the ticket, please email me to arrange a free ticket.

If you are able to pay for another sister to attend a Red Tent Sharing Circle for free, please email me to purchase a gift ticket.

And finally, if you have any questions, worries or experiences you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or drop me an email.

– – – – – – –

I would love to see and support you in Circle 🖤

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