My period arrived this week. On time and pretty much pain free.

I am always happy to greet my blood. Not because I am avoiding pregnancy, but because my menstrual cycle is an important process of my body and another channel through which my body communicates with me.

During my bleed, I often need to coerce myself in to slowing down and taking it easy. If I don’t, I will be gifted with debilitating cramps and back ache the following month… also known as my body’s own innate wisdom taking the choice out of my hands and forcing me to slow down and stay in bed.

Is my reluctance to slow down cultural? Is it learned? Forced? Or is it my body getting ahead of iteself and propelling me into my maiden/growth phase before I am truly ready?

Personally, I experience the release of energy, of flow, of blood as life GIVING, rather than life draining. I often find myself rejoicing at the upswing of energy I feel, grabbing at my desire to take on the world with both hands and I tend to overdo it.

What I need most in this time is the Red Tent.

Have you ever heard of it?

Traditionally, Women would retreat to the Red Tent during the dark and new moon, which often would coincide with their bleed, to take a break from day to day life and turn inward. The Red Tent was a space outside of daily responsibilities and tasks, a space created for women to share their wisdom and insights and assemble in the magic of sisterhood. The Red Tent was an escape from the “right-brain” and masculine energies needed to embody their role in the community and instead allow a complete drop into the “left brain”, the feminine energies which amplified their connection to their heightened intuition at this time. It was also an important time to integrate what was learned from the prior cycle and attend to the shadow self in order for these women to meet their inner needs and “level up”.

Are you getting a feel for it yet?

Imagine a dark, warm space, the smell of incence, spices and tea in the air, the soft murmur of loving voices welcoming and enveloping you and making you feel safe. Candlelight dances across the walls and plump, inviting cushions litter the floor willing you to sink down, let go and be held. This feeling of being cradled gently in a womb, alongside your sisters makes you to relax into flow and you find yourself being swept up in the deep and juicy sharing that is taking place. You laugh, you cry, you feel relieved as you drop your protective mechanisms and stand in your truth, you show up as your authentic self and are accepted for exactly who you are, no questions, no judgement. As you hug and kiss your new sisters goodbye, you step back into the world renewed, cleansed, energised and excited to walk life with this new ritual, this new support network, this new tool in your kit.

At least, that is my vision for the Red Tent.

Each Circle will be different depending on who is running it and who is participating, but what will remain the same is the intention: to nurture feminine relationships, to create a healing space and to offer support.

Are you ready to experience the healing, the joy and intimacy to be found in the Red Tent?

You may find these events under different names: Red Tent, Moonlodge, Sacred Womens’ Circle. A simple search should help you find a Circle in your area, or you can join an online Red Tent from anywhere in the world.

Feel free to reach out if you would like help finding a Red Tent in your area, or visit my events page to join one of my own online events.

Are you ready to be held by the warmth of the Red Tent?

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